Air Freight

Air freight is a very demanding and competitive industry. RWS offers full service pick-up of goods from the shipper's door, and delivers the same to the consignee's air port of destination or door (for most destinations).  RWS, provides the key elements of air freight: speed, safety, reliability and competitive Rates.
RWS has the expertise and vast experience to move substantial tonnage of cargo as may be required, including over-weight and over sized shipments, on a door-to-airport basis.

Computation of Air Freight Charges
Air freight charges are calculated by multiplying the quoted rate by the chargeable weight. The chargeable weight is the actual gross weight or the dimensional volumetric weight of the shipment, whichever is higher.
The computations of charges are made on a "per kilo" basis except for export shipments from the USA. the calculation of the charges are made on either per kilo or per pound basis. Fractions of a kilo or pound are rounded up to the next full kilo or full pound.
To determine the correct freight charges, we need to know the actual gross weight of the shipment and the dimensions (length, width, and height) of each package.
To calculate the volume weight of a shipment, take the greatest length x greatest width x greatest height and multiply by  the total number of packages, then divide by 6000 or 366 or 166 as applicable, (see notes).

Air freight shipments are effected on the carriers with various types of aircrafts.
The dimensions of the aircraft cargo door may impose limitations.
To avoid any inconvenience, please furnish us with the dimensions and gross weight
of the package/crate to check
the feasibility.

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To convert centimeters to kilograms, divide by 6000. 
The dimensions of a shipment that is 173.3 x 135.4 x 156.8 cms
are rounded up to 173 x 135 x 157 = 3.666.735 cubic centimeters, which when divided by 6000, results in 611.12 kgs (rounded up to 612 kgs).
To convert inches to kilograms, divide by 366. The dimensions of a shipment being 63.90 x 62.25 x 56.40 are rounded to 64 x 62 x 56 =210.304 cubic inches, which when divided
by 366, results in 574.60 kgs
(rounded up to 575 kgs).
To convert inches to pounds, divide
by 166. The dimensions of a shipment that is  74”x 5”x 57”= 215.118 cubic inches which when divided by 166, results in 1295.89 lbs (rounded up
to 1296 lbs).